Hotel Riviera Strand

Hotel Riviera offers a perfect blend of calm and activity. It is a very family friendly hotel with the nature just around the corner.

The high-quality facilities are located next to Båstad’s beautiful sand beach and close to the nature.The spa offers different facilities and of course they have a sauna from Tylö. Here you can find something for both the smallest and the oldest ones.

Sauna with panoramic view

This can be called a sauna with a view. With big panoramic windows you can enjoy the sauna while watching the beautiful nature and sea right outside the window. The sauna is a traditional dry sauna with a Tylö Commercial heater.

Hot Japanese outdoor baths

Outside you can enjoy the hot Japanese baths with a lovely temperature of 37 degrees.

Daniella Andrys, Marketing Manager at Gram - Great Ambiance Hotels
Photograph: Stephan Bozic,
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