Sauna - the natural skin care product

On the Swedish west coast is the very well-known Hotel Tylösand, which has Sweden's largest art gallery, a modern spa and attractive conference facilities. In their spa you can enjoy traditional sauna, soft sauna, steam sauna and much more.

We went to Tylösand to talk to Skin and Spa Therapist Carmen Kvestak Sabo, who has worked in the skin care industry for over 10 years. In the interview, she explains what sauna bathing can do for your skin and what other health benefits sauna bathing can provide.


Skin and Spa Therapist Carmen Kvestak Sabo, Hotel Tylösand

Why do you think sauna bathing is important to our skin?
"Sauna is without a doubt the best natural skin care product. It is a detox for both skin and body. It cleanses the skin and rinses off dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria, as well as providing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It also improves collagen production and increases blood circulation throughout the body, which can give the skin a healthy glow. Sauna bathing has not only positive effects on the skin, but also on our mind and mental health, which in the long run contributes to be reflected in our skin."

How often and for how long do you need to take a sauna to get a nice skin result?
"Feel free to bathe several times a week if you have the opportunity! For the skin, using a traditional sauna or steam sauna for 10-15 minutes is enough. After a sauna session you can see a temporary effect that is soft and smooth skin. For more lasting results, you must give it a few months. Skin care is like a long journey, it takes time and patience."


The heat in the sauna improves collagen production. Can you tell us more about collagen and why it is important for our skin?
"Collagen is a fibre protein consisting of amino acids found in our skin, hair, nails, muscles, bones and joints. The skin is one of the body's largest organs. Collagen is important and powerful for skin health. It makes the skin moist, soft, smooth and firm. Collagen is the secret to beautiful, radiant and even skin. At the age of 25, the self-production of collagen decreases, which reduces the skin's strength and elasticity, which makes the skin softer and wrinkled. To increase collagen production, an option is to spend some time in a sauna, especially in an infrared sauna, where the heat penetrates the skin three times deeper than in a traditional sauna."

What are your three top tips for a nice and healthy skin this fall?
"Take a sauna as often as you can, drink plenty of water and use sunscreen all year round!"

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