Now is the time to upgrade your old sauna!

Is your pinewood sauna out of date? Has it even been degraded to service as a storage space? Now is the time to upgrade your sauna and to start enjoying it again!

We are facing a time where we spend more time at home than ever before, with plenty of time to scrutinize our houses. Maybe it’s time to open the door to the sauna and take a look? Do something for your home and, more importantly, for your health – renovate the sauna and start using it again! Do you lack a sauna in your house? Maybe there is a storage room that you can clean out and remake to your own private place of well-being?

An upgrade of your sauna doesn’t have to be neither expensive nor difficult. Here are a few ideas of things you can do yourself - all collected in a simple sauna kit. 

New panel walls, in e g aspen, gives your sauna a totally new look. It becomes lighter and suddenly you have a room you really like.

Sauna heater
The heater is the eye catcher of the sauna, and it affects the experience, both visually and thermally. A new heater warms up the sauna faster, is safer and more energy efficient than your old one.

Sense Sport_front

New sauna stones give the heater a fresh look. Their function is to absorb heat from the heater and help circulate it in the sauna. Vulcanite is a stone material that is very suitable in the sauna.

The door
The door is the finishing touch that spills over into the adjacent room, giving it an updated feel as well. Choose a glass door to enhance the airy atmosphere. A new door is not affected by the large differences in temperatures, and it’s not letting the heat out – helping you to save energy.