Sauna | Poêles électriques pour sauna


The Sense Commercial 8 electric heater is adapted to public facilities and a sauna volume between 6-12m3. The unit is placed on the wall or on floor with optional legs. An excellent choice when replacing old installations as it is compatible with electronic or mechanical control panels. Works with older generations of control panels and with new generation digital control panels Elite or Pure. When using Elite or Pure, the Relay Box is suitable for Commercial Lite. To be complemented with 20kg of sauna stone for wall-hung heaters.

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Spécifications techniques

Spécifications techniques

Effet Tension Mesures (LxHxP) Taille du sauna (m3)
8 1/3~x230V, 3~x 400v 431x600x375 6-12
Distance min. au mur (mm) Distance min. au plafond (mm)
110 1900