Sauna | Poêles électriques pour sauna


Our newest addition to the Sense range of sauna heaters. It is fitted with a number of smart and patented features and makes a perfect choice for energy efficient sauna bathing. Elite Cloud control panel with wifi connectivity and cloud-based functionality for maximum advantage and comfort is included.
• Easy and convenient wifi control panel with full overview.
• Highly automated and scheduled use for maximum freedom and flexibility.
• Split output functionality. Reduces power output once set temperature is reached.

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Spécifications techniques

Spécifications techniques

Effet Tension Mesures (LxHxP) Taille du sauna (m3)
6.6 1/3~x230V, 3~x 400v 435x605x375 4-8
Distance min. au mur (mm) Distance min. au plafond (mm)
110mm 1900mm