The Sense Sport 2/4, a compact and efficient electric sauna heater that can be placed even in the smallest sauna rooms without compromising on style, quality or efficiency. Its integrated control panel provides easy operation and Thermosafe™ surface treatment contributes to high safety. The unit is placed on the wall. To be complemented with 7kg of sauna stone for wall-hung heaters.

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Spécifications techniques

Spécifications techniques

Effet Mesures (LxHxP) Taille du sauna (m3)
2,2-4,5 348x480x214 2-4
Distance min. au mur (mm) Distance min. au plafond (mm)
20mm 1900mm


2900 5252 SENSE SPORT 2-4 installation
Sense Sport 2-4_ CB_test report_211100476SHA-001
Sense Sport 2-4_CB_Cert_SE-107550(1)
2900 5253 SENSE SPORT 2-4 User Guide